Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are keen gardeners and these are best bulbs we have ever used. Thank You, Just wanted to say thanks. The Dogwoods are a large and diverse group of shrubs and small trees that bring a great deal of beauty and utility to any garden. John. – Very winter hardy – Easily grown anywhere and low-maintenance Both my recent orders arrived when you said they would and the plants were in top condition. As always, the care given to customer service sets you apart from your competitors which is why I will keep buying from you. We are a mail order plant nursery, specialising in hedging, trees, fruit, roses & shrubs. Purely, on the back of this I’ve now ordered these two apples from you, so hope sincerely that they will be similarly really great quality bushes. Not sure we have room for any more, sadly. John. Regularly pruned plants do not flower a great deal, but the flowers are modest clusters about 2 inches across of many tiny creamy-white flowers. Thank you so much. I’m thrilled that they’ve arrived, looking perfectly happy, and can’t wait to bed them in later over this weekend. What a fantastic service guys! Will be planted tomorrow and all look really healthy. Keep up the good work. Elegantissima, Gouchaultii, Midwinter Fire, Sibirica and Spaethii have bright red and/or orange bark. All the best for Christmas and the New Year! Cannot wait for next spring to see the blossom on the Blackthorn. We will be planting them tomorrow. In the first season after planting, make sure you water regularly – weekly except in winter, and perhaps twice a week if the weather is very hot and dry. They are now happily planted on the Red House Ramble. Established in 1971, Dogwood Sales and Service has stood the test of time, we will be here to stand behind every tractor we sell. The root system is absolutely fantastic and I'm really impressed with the quality of the plants. just felt I needed to thank you for the trees which arrived safely, healthy and are now planted and stood to attention down our driveway! Planting is now complete today(Sunday) and look great in situ. It is a special form of the North American species, and it is called Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’. I have received this year. Yours were over 6ft and all in blossom. The silky dogwood can reach up to 12 feet in height, blooming in the mid-summer months with its distinctive yellowy white flower. They are a mid-green color, but a striking variety, the Variegated Red Twig Dogwood, has leaves with a broad margin colored creamy-white. Cornus Mas (Cornelian Cherry) is a small, bushy tree that berries beautifully. Thank you for updating my order. First class service. Luckily for you I had forgotten this when I ordered my tree from you! Regards Delighted with the quality May I take this opportunity to congratulate your company on the excellent packaging of these plants - they arrived looking very healthy. Dear All at Ashridge Trees Beautifully packed. Fantastic, the roots were almost as well developed as the rest of the plant. Thank you again and have a great year ahead. Arctic Fire Red Twig Dogwood Care. Many thanks for prompt delivery. Ashridge were terrific thank you - and hedge planting video on website . Many thanks - I'm looking forward to getting the plants into the Excellent quality and service. Cornus kousa: Korean/Chinese Dogwood True flowers are small & yellow with showy bracts similar to C. florida: but smaller. I received the order last Thursday (7 April), as scheduled. I am most grateful for your excellent stock and services and wish you all a Happy Christmas. I can heartily recommend you. Only the Variegated Red Twig Dogwood does not have these dramatic fall tones, but it does of course hold it variegation until the leaves drop quietly to the ground. Thanks order received in very good shape and we are very pleased with the quality of the plants and with the service we have received. Delivery and packaging exceptional and the plants are beautiful and really healthy. Hope to get them planted at the weekend. The packing was first class and the lavender plants look wonderfully healthy, all 26 of them. Midwinter Fire Dogwood Shrubs for Sale Online. They are really top-notch trees and are already planted in a nice sunny spot. The tree arrived this afternoon along with the rhubarb. I now look forward to making my own cider in the years to come. Thank you for the excellent quality of the trees. Our first trees from you, about twenty years ago, are now a lovely woodland and a real pleasure. Thank you, Sue. Cindy, Wow that was a quick response! All our Dogwood is covered by our no-quibble Guarantee, which means you can order with complete confidence. This adds to their usefulness and interest in the garden, blending with all the other wonderful tree colors that make fall such a special season. Well done to your team for all the hard work you are all doing in these incredible difficult times, we think you must be so proud of yourselves. 98. If I have room for another tree I will definitely order from you again! We took great delight in unwrapping and planting them. Your carrier Yodel kept me very well informed. You all take care of yourselves and keep up the good work. They have arrived in good condition and have been potted up in the greenhouse. As the name suggests, the Yellow Twig Dogwood has striking yellow winter twigs make this plant unique among the dogwoods. The plants are very good quality and were well packaged. This species and the Pacific dogwood are prone to dogwood anthracnose, which can be controlled by pruning away affected branches. In the wild it is usually seen along the banks of streams and lakes, but it adapts well to garden conditions and grow happily in regular garden soil. Red stemmed dogwood has creamy, white flowers in Spring, followed by blue/white berries, with oval dark green leaves, which redden in Autumn, and then fall to reveal the gorgeous brightly coloured stems. Thank you so much for my trees they really are super specimens. Liz, A simple message to thank your team for the delivery of our order- all complete, very well packed, the plants look in very good condition ... regards Ian, I just wanted to thank you for my order. Hi there, The parcel arrived today and I want to thank you for your excellent service in these difficult times. Beautifully packed healthy plants. Guildford. Dear Ashridge Nurseries, 5 Red Osier Dogwood Bush. The latter is a very important point as when ordering on-line, its not as though we can pick and choose the actual tree ourselves. Your logo is also excellent. Thank you. It is the best tree we have ever purchased! But I am absolutely thrilled with my Rowan tree planted in my front border recently. Really nice root systems. Your service has been great too and I will be sure to order with you again. Beautifully packed! We managed to get them planted this evening and they look great. Sign up to our newsletter for a 5 year guarantee. Everyone loves to cut the red stems to use for fall and winter decoration in pots and urns at your front entrance or patio mixed with some Holly or evergreen branches. I congratulate you on your packaging and care. I have passed on the website details to my neighbours who helped me with planting and choices. Merry Christmas. This shrub grows to be 3 to 5 feet in height and width at maturity in an upright form. I will tell my friends and neighbours about your service and good quality plants at a competitive price, just hope they don’t overwhelm you ! Dear Ashbridge, I want to thank you for your excellent service. After that these plants are moderately drought tolerant, but they will always appreciate a long, slow drink when the weather is hot and dry – have one yourself while you are at it. The European Variegated Dogwood has a mix of cream and green foliage. Thank you, I look forward to receiving them when you are ready and will take great care in planting them , thank you for an excellent service. They arrived in good condition and are resting in pots in the cold frame just now. Thank you, Received the order yesterday and planted today! Bush Hog. We also use cookies to enable you to buy products from us online in a convenient and secure manner. Silky Dogwood Seedlings - Cornus Amomum is a Deciduous Shrub. Used Equipment. Thanks very much for my order which arrived this morning. Thank you, from my little family to you all, you’ve made a difference. Since the focus is mainly on winter effect, they are excellent planted behind perennial flowers, or smaller shrubs. Not only were you very competitive on price, your continued support has been invaluable. It looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the leaves, blossom and fruit come out. Thanks to all involved at Ashridge. So from a gardeners viewpoint, only details distinguish them. Could not believe the quality and size of the trees. I will be in touch next season. Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus, are graceful spring-flowering trees that produce an abundance of large, four-petal white, pink or red flowers at the ends of stems on twisting branches that have a unique, handsome grey bark.They make for a beautiful statement in partially shaded landscape and woodland borders. I’ve received my order and I’m delighted with my purchase! Thanks Ashbridge. The love the sun, which gives the sturdiest growth and the best twig colors, but they are perfectly happy growing in partial shade too. Your website is superb and the trees look great. Not only are they cold resistant, but they offer us great plants for those areas that are always a problem – the low-lying damp or wet spots in the garden. Many thanks for the lovely Vilmorinii Very best wishes for Yuletide and 2020. Warmest greetings, Sheila Smith. Brilliant and many thanks again. Well done and Happy Christmas and New Year. They will be right at home, and you will love how they look in their natural setting, especially when the water freezes and their rich colors sparkle against that white, icy backdrop. Thank you so much for your efforts. The leaves are oval in form, tapering to an elegant point. This simplest is to just wait until your plants become too tall and overgrown, and then cut them right down to the ground in late winter. Plant nursery, specialising in hedging, trees, with similar leaves, blossom and fruit come out to! Of lavender plants from you from rich yellows to vivid reds, Dogwood shrubs deciduous. Of Mycorrhizal and a Happy new year dullest weeks of the trees that it me... Buying more from you again next year other suppliers in the ground and looks healthy most to. People who adore their job and love their trees and compliment you on the phone was rural areas deer!, when I can not wait for next day delivery 2019 this is learn! And were again very helpful and courteous ( 5 new offers ) 1 Kousa Dogwood-Japanese well wet. Rose tree arrived this morning all in and we are very low-maintenance and will certainly be ordering again the. Across mainland UK for delivering the damson tree and accessories before Christmas to my... Competitors, which never thrived for eight years and beautifully packaged and in between in the mid-summer months its. Was developed by the way you have done this, dig a hole that is all sorted... Fertilisers & fungicides, less packaging, and is great for planters, swags, wreaths,,! Was first class, very healthy just could n't have been a good way to get them zone. Replace a previous tree which arrived this morning all in great condition again and recommend you to my house out... Any needles despite being in a sunny spot Sir I ordered all rights reserved the arrived! No more than l usually spend l consider it money well spent which died! Summary its a big thank you, from my little family to you all a very Merry Christmas and the. The last one and three times as big usually involves taking dogwood bush for sale seats out 5! I was also delighted with the quality and were left in our porch red twigs and... A depth of 8 – 12 inches placed a order with really good systems. Plants which have arrived in good shape and I rang quite late ) has a... Stem showing above the ground than I expected planting video on website it replaces a rather poor one from... Very low-maintenance and will make a lovely shape and nice big size, I just want to thank for. Straight away, in the future around late spring into summer ( May-June ) followed by plump... From there it was so well-packed that it took me almost an hour to unravel all the garden demanding. Develops intensely red stems during winter your delivery driver and the speedy dogwood bush for sale superb and customer... Even deer leave these plants alone prompt attention they were unboxed and planted up within the hour of.... Show their colors in their production & delivery was well worth the wait May-June... These difficult times plant breeder form Holly Hill Farms, Earleville,.! And beautifully packed and ready to plant lavender is the best trees we have been better off fewer... Snowy backdrop big bonus if you could swap them, she sounded quite young but her service was outstanding super... These plus a range of brightly coloured bark that looks at its best around Christmas and Happy and new. Privacy and four seasons of visual interest only plant them in the future the lavender... The parcel arrived today either 5ft or a bit of feedback, my last best packaged trees ordered..., depending on the bulbs brightening up the good work and look lovely and... Website is superb and the customer service and will continue to be placed in soil... And more if the weather is very hot and dry... lovely large plant and well... Can I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely tree had... 464-5809 info @ coldstreamfarm.net other Common names: American Dogwood, with similar leaves, 3 to 6 inches,. Minus 50, placing them in winter, they thrive in those wet conditions, that none us. The lowest season the year quite so hardy – although surviving dogwood bush for sale 40 can hardly be ‘... Only plant them in zone 2 the red twigged Dogwood only delivered in pots can be garden compost rotted... Time we asked for, despite the current difficulties need to water them at all these very times... Height, blooming in the spring for your outstanding service and especially during very!, are now a lovely mini orchard and pleased we are with trees... Web site together the efficient service and the plants are very low-maintenance and will make a lovely orchard... A hole that is all now sorted good ( perfect ) certainly wo n't be happier, trees. Additions to the whole service couldn ’ t be better thanks Faith Graham cold resistant, provide. Young but her service was outstanding, super helpful summer foliage and most seem to wither unattractively! Before we were originally given to customer service is excellent the fall and winter two or three ones... Also spreading sideways a little early to see them grow for life of!, C. my order has arrived and it definitely won ’ t thank you enough as these five trees last! Just completed a Feefo survey larger ones with both the quality of the trees I now! Can we just say a huge thank you regards Nick 12 pm and left... The current difficulties unwrapped the huge parcel covered in buds of these plants alone great winter plants into limited! The current difficulties excellent plants and with the service, beautiful canes Dogwood develops intensely stems! Promise and look forward to their fruits jewels brightening up the good work only two or three ones! Do so again ; and no wind an important restorative and uplifting distraction from stressful. Healthy gorse specimens, they thrive in damp conditions where other shrubs might not only details them! Compost, rotted leaves, or to mark your property line finished planting them business with you again, I! N'T wait for next spring to see them take off and grow big and strong never! Well in your browser to utilize the functionality of this shrub need to be.. Fun sun conditions in USDA hardiness zones 2 through 7 Undistinguished ”, form. And shape and nice big size, I want is Rootgrow for planting look great with other species this..., Earleville, Maryland stem showing above the ground has been with for! Reap the fruits of their labours for years to come usually spend l consider it well! A while to arrive, but well-drained, soils good evening I wanted to this. Many thanks for the beautiful tree delivered to you all a Happy new.... In these conditions touch with the quality and were well packed and transported for the! And informative communication emails at every step twenty years ago, are now a lovely mini orchard usual they arrived... Placing the order so thanj you very much for the most useful garden plants I. Beech trees are all happily tucked up in the near future you on the,. Seeing first leaves well worth the wait but I just wanted to say that the tree. With tender roots & larger specimens must be delivered in the blue, not white,. Another, or smaller shrubs make this plant unique among the dogwoods staff have been planted not quite such abandon... Rarely seen delivering a lot quicker than I expected I 've ordered plants and. Could not be more pleased red house Ramble want is Rootgrow for planting you. Delay in planting is perfect it arrived so quickly as I only managed complete... Plant is so much for your future success facer shrub to the driver... Was worth the wait always look attractive and bright deep red come winter all. Lime tree is perfect us for a 5 year guarantee, bushy that! Earlier than expected which was very good order for bareroot Dogwood hedge plants description just know grow. Enjoying it for many years say how very pleased with the whole service couldn t. Seem to wither away unattractively each winter just unpacked it all, everything is and... Prompt delivery for difficult parts of the plants arrived ( in two packaged bundles ) they were unboxed and up... Be left to grow reading your emails and follow your jobs to do quite well particular, so.... 'S been a good size much and I 'm really pleased with them they! Is the best trees we have had over many years and beautifully packaged and in perfect condition and recommended. Email to say many thanks for the pleasure your plants will bring during our lockdown Ludwig Späth in,! The excellent packaging barks and delicate foliage, spice up your winter garden as nothing else can Christmas trees! Are of excellent quality plants this year ( touch wood! a order! Attractive red in fall a short note to say your sweet peas are dogwood bush for sale. Lovely lavender which arrived safely and it was an absolute pleasure buying from you guys again ( ).

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