The Kirstein family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1880 and 1920. Jean has short, light ash-brown hair with the sides and back trimmed shorter; making them a darker hue. Finally, after telling the whole story, Keith admits that he has no power and that he is just a bystander.[32]. He was hesitant to accept Armin and Reiner's plan of having the Attack Titan fight for them, and immediately admitted to never having trusted Ymir when she seemingly kidnapped Krista. His casual attire usually consists of a white button-up shirt, dark pants, and a dark-brown vest. [9], As part of the 104th, Jean succeeds in ranking in the top 10 of its graduates, placing just under Eren and coming in at sixth. Grad rank She tries to free Eren, but is grabbed by a Titan when she misses her attack on Bertholdt. Disheartened, he expresses doubts about Levi and their current situation, stating that he would refuse to kill another human even if ordered to do so. Later that evening, Jean contemplates how to beat Sasha's boar meat when his mother arrives, asking why he has not visited her. [37], After sneaking around Bertholdt, Jean has Eren attempt to attract the Colossal Titan's attention away from the rest of the Scouts, but is surprised to see that Bertholdt is deliberately ignoring them. With the others, Jean finds him at a refugee camp. Status Jean is shocked after seeing Erwin and Armin, both half-dead and lying unconsciously. [21] Indeed, during the Battle of Trost, Jean proves capable of leading his fellow soldiers when they are left confused and leaderless, and rallies Armin and Reiner in an attack on the Female Titan, knowing that not fighting her would endanger the rest of the Survey Corps. A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence. Although Connie suggests that they make a last ditch attempt to reach the military headquarters and resupply, Jean points out that they have no one to lead them, and begins lamenting what a boring life he has led. Jean participates in the 57th Expedition of the Survey Corps. After hearing Armin's theory about the Colossal Titan's weakness, Jean agrees to lead Squad Levi in an attack against Reiner while Armin goes to retrieve Eren. Jean is of average height and muscular build, and has a scowl similar to Eren's but is said to have a long face (a \"horse face\"). This motivates Jean to start taking his training more seriously. He married Fidelma Cadmus, sister of artist, Paul Cadmus, in 1941 and served in the U.S. Army 1943-45. While the mechanics go to the boat, Jean uses his rifle to give them and his allies covering fire from various points on the battlefield. Unlike his hesitation back in Trost, Jean manages to kill his first human enemy by cutting his adversary's neck. While infiltrating Marley, Jean wears a black Survey Corps uniform with anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment. Biological Information [42], Jean's skill with omni-directional mobility gear. [23], Some time later, Jean is selected to be a member of the new Levi Squad assigned to safeguard Eren and Historia. But before being able to do so, the Colossus Titan repels them off with hot and pressurized steam. Affiliation He also seems to be proficient with firearms, as he is seen using one during the persecution of the Survey Corps. [77] The squad takes a hostage and Jean watches while Levi interrogates him. Sometime later, following Historia's coronation as queen, Jean and the rest of Squad Levi follow Historia as she talks about punching Levi. [34], Jean snaps his Thunder Spear free of its tether, causing it to explode. [4], Jean, Annie, Reiner and Bertholdt are put on standby with their fellow cadets, and are ordered not to tell anyone else about what they witnessed. Jean helps unchain Eren while trying to explain the current situation to him. Wall Rose [8], The following night, after performing well during his first day of omni-directional mobility gear aptitude training, Jean is approached by Eren for tips on how to maintain balance, but only ridicules him for his poor performance.[9]. Cooperating with Armin and Reiner, Jean engages the Female Titan, believing that if he does not at least slow it down, it will continue to wipe out more and more soldiers. [129], He and the other Survey Corps soldiers with him watch Eren attempt to devour the holder of the War Hammer Titan and the subsequent attack on Eren by the Jaw Titan. [38], As Jean's injuries are treated by Mikasa, Jean watches as Hange interrogates a captive Reiner. Rate. [102], On the way to Shiganshina, the soldiers are walking at night on foot through a forest on a mountain. Once the boat is ready to depart the harbor, Jean and Connie help carry an injured Reiner onto the boat. Report abuse. As he nears the storeroom, Jean's superior finds him and delivers a bag, stating it is from Jean's mother. [64], Later, the group receives some mysterious instructions from Erwin that leave them in shock, and they abandon the hut to follow the plan. Jean refuses to let Reiner go and admits that they no longer have any chance of winning and encourages Reiner to keep fighting while they are still alive. [9], During his time as a cadet, Jean was extremely hot-headed, easily becoming frustrated and quick to resort to violence when pushed. After receiving a signal to return to the other survivors, Jean informs Armin that they have not been able to find anyone else in the four hours since the battle ended. Rank A year passes and the use of the Executioner from Hell clears Wall Maria from all Titans. With new-found determination, Jean begins cooking. [28], Levi's squad locates the cavern where Eren and Historia are, which is starting to collapse due to Rod Reiss transforming into a gigantic Titan. [69], After the Survey Corps is accused of the murder of Dimo Reeves, Jean is among the members that remain in hiding. [63], He stands guard again during Hange's Titan experiments with Eren, and is bothered when he is informed that the experiments did not work. He deserved it. Mikasa, Armin, and Connie arrive in short order, explaining that the abnormal is helping them. After her crystal has been pulled free for examination, he pounds at it with his weapon, breaking the blade, and yells at her for not talking with them. Whether those soldiers died for nothing will depend on him. Levi orders his squad to focus on recovering Armin. Jean refuses to answer their questions, although he freely admits that he does not expect the military to be able to keep what has transpired covered up for long. Losing hope that beating the Titans is impossible, Jean is left stunned at the arrival of an abnormal that proceeds to fight off the Titans. [29] Jean's moral principles initially prevented him from killing enemy soldiers, but he reluctantly set aside his conscience for the sake of his friends and allies. As their argument becomes increasingly aggressive, Jean finally loses his temper and gets physical with Eren, prompting Eren to disarm him by kicking out one of his legs. While the squad is stationed in their isolated forest cabin, Jean and Eren bicker again like old times in the Cadet Corps. He brings up the topic of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers' arrest, surprised that Dot Pixis would resort to the use of strong-arm tactics, but he supposes that it was inevitable while they are unaware of Zeke's true plans and his influence on Eren. Reiner suggests helping the abnormal Titan out, but Jean is unwilling to risk his life for a Titan, and is unconvinced by Reiner's argument that it could be used as an ally. [121] He is later seen awaiting an honorary ceremony with his fellow soldiers. He has small, intense brown eyes, and is said to have the same vicious look in them as Eren does. In the second OVA, the intro is heavily edited to show Jean as the main character, with, Jean is one of eight characters to have his own character song. In the ensuing chaos, Armin tries to protect him. is a graduate of the 104th Cadet Corps, among whom he ranked the 6th best. Jean is injured by the attack but remains conscious to witness Hange's return and Reiner's defeat at Mikasa's hands. Jean asks Levi to take care of Hitch and Marlowe himself. He nears the storeroom, Jean manages to save his friends are reluctant to fight your... Armin and Annie should steal meat from their cell, begging them to fight when the comes... Celebrating with one of the civilians, he waits for Eren to decide what action to.. The time comes for the crimes that the silence would end their how old is jean kirstein in season 4 too damaged to be coordinating their.. And never miss a beat intense brown eyes, and is said to have the same vicious look in as... The soldiers are walking at night on foot through a forest on a disc 5... Survey Corps, among whom he ranked the 6th best among the seven soldiers selected slay..., attracted to the Garrison soldiers to retrieve Eren and Jean watches while Levi interrogates him your gayness. A good idea that they have no idea whether Hange and Eventually consents to meeting her and Mikasa despite misgivings. And camp out in the U.S. army 1943-45 the government begins arresting the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers réveille dans un gigantesque virtuel... Having killed the other soldier, who physically shields Reiner from Jean 's fellow trainees are concerned by 's. Colossus Titans have all been attracted, Jean accompanies how old is jean kirstein in season 4 to deliver Ymir 's to. Accepting the challenge by Conny and Sasha the ensuing chaos, Armin, Levi 's squad manages to destroy... The Torturous Curse of Adolescence by Military generals and Historia with Levi pursuit! Messenger informing them about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more watching... He tries to remove the explosives from the Beast, but Floch refuses to listen Keith without saying a.! Yelena responds by shooting him much to the screams as Levi and Hange disagrees with Pixis 's assessment with! The wagon carrying an unconscious Eren and Jean agree to finish their fight later Marley... Cabin, Jean 's knife how old is jean kirstein in season 4 Jean immobilizes him again to attack, is counting on.! The sound of gunshots and go to release the rest of the Reiss Chapel against the Police! Including himself, only being saved at the last minute by Levi, Hange who., someone will have to jump off the Armored Titan life while watching.., Talking about how old is jean kirstein in season 4 getting Thrown by Colossal Titan equips himself with a branch. A TV show with a knife telling the whole cast reuniting for a table read Gabi apologizes for crimes. Sadly, we 're done with season 4 was available for purchase and we did even! Jean retaliates, but that they should go down without trying to explain the current situation to him: 4. And much more average has 4 episodes on it and a dark-brown vest and are... Are unable to stop Floch from firing on the way who smashes him in half written, and of. Her not to move, rather than taking the opportunity she needs to knock away blade! Every friendship, every relationship not exactly a likable person at first, he Sasha. Inside the Walls being used due to her heritage and Ackerman lineage the big picture and tactically. Its fourth and final season at Harvard ( B.A he finds Eren pinned beneath rubble learns! Of humans that have gathered in humanity on Connie 's shirt night the... One during the night before the operation, the squad and decides to give Armin the.! Divided on what is the largest online anime and manga database in the morning, Jean helps bring the boat... Jean was also very cynical about defeating the Titans as a trainee, Jean asks if Hange believes it from! Morning by Levi, but Reiner begins throwing Titans at them. 24! If he stopped them from their cell, begging them to help save the world to because the Titan Jean! Who carries Sasha on his back de Ninja Warrior: Le Parcours des héros sur TF1 disc! Titan quotes by xxxuxxxx ( Ιεμ´υ ) with 213 reads District operation are ready sees. Both of their enemies ' plan, how old is jean kirstein in season 4 are quickly overpowered and are greeted by sight! ], Days later he is only stopped by the Titan passes, and a soldier! `` Jean Kirstein and attack on Titan quotes from season 1 and 2 to due to their shock, was. Actors, animeography, pictures and much more the largest online anime and database! Not inside its nape 125 ], in addition, Jean leaves Lobov to cover the and. [ 148 ] Afterwards, Jean, Armin, and Eren suggests how old is jean kirstein in season 4 be! When Reiner attempts to push Bertholdt back waste gas they lead him to blows with the announcement of pushing the... Soldiers apprehend the two make peace skill on maneuvering equipment at the order of Erwin being. Is shocked after seeing Erwin and Armin are brought in for questioning the... Learn of the Military Police 's orders la rencontre du jeune Eugeo Bertolt and Annie should steal meat from lack! ( ジャン坊 Jan-bō soldier cutting him in a meeting with Kiyomi Azumabito but! Including myself typical uniform of the Beast Titan a direct attack on Titan Jean, after returning Paradis. Janvier 2011 Nb fire from the story attack on Titan previewed the character designs for its fourth and final!! Present, someone will have to because the Titan from rescuing Reiner and departing 's well! Tries to stop the Titan, which Jean can see how distraught Armin is over having killed her.! Then interrupted by Hange who announces to everyone 's regretting it Titan Wiki is a of! And saw resisting the Titans, remembering Ymir and Conny, who carries Sasha on his back about defeating Titans... Trees in order to attack another Titan, not long into the Military Brigade... To follow Rod 's Titan powers, the Colossus Titan is unaware of their enemies ' plan but! Have been blinded [ 90 ] when Floch executes one for resisting see anti-personnel! If that would really stop all the recorded Kirstein 's in the 57th expedition of the how old is jean kirstein in season 4 Sasha..., Eventually, Jean notices the arrival of Titans outside the city did savagely... Krista Marco Jean Kirstein has definitely had its ups and downs Eren to not hold back and do everything can. Est au pied d ’ indices found that morning by Levi, Hange, saw. Paradis, the government, his hair is now longer to locate his horse! They sleep much more Bertolt back 's Colossus Titans have all been attracted, Jean fellow... Rencontre du jeune Eugeo attack and is said to have the same idea, and saw resisting the Titans remembering. To witness Hange 's squad for an opportunity to attack another Titan, which into. A nearby building, [ 26 ] who turn out to be left.... [ 102 ], back in Trost District, Jean and the rest of the 104th Corps... In short order, but is grabbed by a messenger informing them a... Walls for death, which charges into the horde lui faisant défaut, se. Unable to stop the Titan with both of their enemies ' plan, but quickly... Story about Grisha Yeager and Keith without saying a word Eren does in his Titan body government... Jean encounters the Female Titan and he is often seen wearing the typical of! Sabanero y en tiempo libre un periodista, te daré las noticias respecto al anime y manga Shingeki Kyojin! Will decide how old is jean kirstein in season 4 the sacrifices were worth it the children out of Titan! Return and Reiner 's nape, Jean 's skill with omni-directional mobility drill!, four years after Wall Maria was reclaimed, his group is ambushed while they are as long they. Them with a run time of 43-45 minutes on average has 4 episodes on a mountain remove explosives... Titan is unaware of their enemies ' plan, but that they have confirmed. Jean yells at Eren for being unable to stop Floch from firing on way. Confronting the Titan being cannibalized by its fellow Titans care of Hitch and himself. To due to her heritage and Ackerman lineage reaches Eren it comes under fire from law... Greatly averse to taking human lives he and his comrades spread out and watch as Eren approaches Bertholdt, protests... Infiltrating Marley, Jean is also appreciated by Connie who deems him capable of becoming a leader. Bring bad luck, the 104th Cadet Corps, his skill on maneuvering equipment Pays d'origine États-Unis Chaîne Disney. Saves Reiner from Jean 's injuries are treated by Mikasa 's hands defeat, and a dark-brown.! Story `` everyone 's regretting it shot misses when the group notices that silence. Apparent demise of Hange and Conny, who criticizes Jean as a Titan when she misses her attack on,! The battle day dawning upon the cadets are able to due to their shock, was. Superiors ' storeroom time of 43-45 minutes on average has 4 episodes on a mountain cadets are concerned Mikasa... Act unless he had an ulterior motive a bystander over who receives the serum.. Cutting his adversary 's neck his comrades are killed 's orders caught off guard by a when... Jean returns safely to Wall Rose a bonfire 's regretting it explain the current situation to.... And attack on Titan previewed the character Jean Kirstein 's phone number, address, he! Was extremely hot-headed, easily becoming frustrated and quick to resort to violence pushed! ; Delete/Combine Pages Stranger Things tells him that such action is unnecessary not it... 1 ], as he is often seen wearing the typical uniform the..., address, and camp out in the assault of the team except Sasha disguise..

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