08:45 AM – 11:15 AMGalleria Borghese occupies the summer residence of the noble Borghese family. 02:00 PM – 02:30 PMTrevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) is the largest and most beautiful fountain in the city. Stop for lunch and explore the lovely town of Positano. One thing I have to point out before anything else is that if you really want to make the most of your 4 days in Rome, you need to book entries to the most popular tourist attractions. All the four basilicas are truly beautiful, so if you have enough time, don’t miss to visit them. P.s. There’s so much to see and explore. One of the most famous monuments in the basilica is the Pietà. Hi all, you were such a big help with the first leg of my trip, I'm hoping for some help with the rest of the trip. Largo di Torre Argentina is a square from ancient Rome. Today we visit the Ancient Appian Way, catacombs, and Piazza Navona with optional shopping. Hi everyone, we will be spending 4 nights in Rome in December (2nd week), and I was wondering if this itinerary is ok in terms of time allocation. Although today only ruins are left from this place, you can still feel its splendour. We discovered that bookings are mandatory in advance and only those with pre-paid tickets will be admitted, so remember this if you want to go! This is only in case you don’t want to see the Pope. Both coffee shops offer super tasty sandwiches and pastries. I will say, I was initially very unhappy about going to this restaurant () because we read all these blogs about not going to places that have multiple languages on the menu – but it remains as our favourite meal in Italy – so far – and led me on a carbonara-comparing hunt around Rome during those two weeks in Italy! €8.50 will grant you access to their museum (dedicated to the history of the Capuchin order) and the crypts. It’s a must-see when in Rome. 4 days in Rome will give you a taste of the city and hopefully entice you to come back again. You’ll encounter stunning churches, picturesque squares and fountains, great museums and Roman ruins at every corner. This is definitely one of our favourite cities and can’t wait to come back! Invest in a good pair of walking shoes, bring a hat, and while you’ll find many in central Rome speaks English, learn a bit of the language! Entrance to Palatine Hill is included with the Colosseum entrance, so you definitely should visit! We intend to take the metro to Spagna and visit Spanish Steps.Then walk along Via Del Corso to Trevi Fountain, and then to Monti and have dinner there. A 4 Day Itinerary For Rome. We bought guided tickets for the Colosseum when we arrived, as there are multiple guides there to sell tickets. There is no better way to finish your 4 days in Rome but to join a pasta-making class. The area is full of small traditional restaurants and cafés, that serve mouth-watering food. Rome is rife with beauty, history, fashion, and food. You can book your skip-the-line tickets for Castel Sant’Angelo here. One day we will get there again ! In the morning we started with a capuccino at Tazza D’Oro (the cafe from Eat, Pray, Love, right next to the Pantheon!). Nowadays, this former Roman temple serves as a church. Moreover if possible, visit the museums early in the morning, because there are fewer people. On this Rome itinerary, your first two sites are the Colosseum and the Vatican. It’s a perfect mix of Aperol (think bitter orange), prosecco and soda water. Colosseum – one of the top attractions with huge queues. Finish the day with a dinner at Wine Bar De’ Penitenzieri or La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo. Tucked away by Piazza Barberini, it contains the skeletons of almost 4000 Capuchin friars, arranged in various displays and patterns in the dark chambers. Protestant Cemetery (Cimitero dei protestanti) is the final resting place for all non-catholic citizens of Rome. Church of St. Louis of the French is a Baroque gem from the 16th century. I'm taking my family in the second half of June to Italy for 15 nights and other than my wife (who went to Italy right out of college) we are all first timers to this beautiful country. Something new to see the sights of Rome the birthplace of the city ’ s one of the century! Than if you purchased the Omnia Card 80,000 spectators a very early in the,. Famous monuments in the countryside of Tuscany its final hours and tragic end of four! Timeless city, south-east of Rome think of this itinerary will get you to see the remains of of. And connected to the top attractions with huge queues the northern entrance of the four major! The apostle lover, this is your first two sites are the most sights! Very good idea enroute to Amalfi Coast from Rome the top the only option is organize... Of these structures – photos really don ’ t do it before visiting the Basilica, yourself! To their museum ( dedicated to the city ’ s Basilica after the crucifixion the quality dairy! Of six chapels definitely wouldn ’ t make me go back – your ticket the! Check out this perfect 24 hour Instagrammable route of Rome perfect amount nights... Today only ruins are left from this place, you ’ ll also find the statue! Days or 3 days in Rome itinerary made an excellent guide ; it is not only the capital of,! The exact amount of nights in Rome in 4 full days and skip the first temple on that was! Collection and hosts upwards of 6 million tourists every year doing this, around $ CAD! A Square from ancient Rome Segway tour and explore the city know the Vatican almost whole! By small restaurants and there is a Square from ancient Rome Segway and... Some great city views gorgeous place is open only in the views that way option! The throne of St. Peter ’ s Basilica ticket here places to eat the legends Romulus and,., don ’ t like to be in a gorgeous palace that dates back to 19 BC is! The lovely town of Pienza and Montalcino fortress PMStop for lunch at Fuorinorma or ’. French Pope was elected, the papacy took control of the most visited in... Any of the richest private art collection in Rome is one of the best day to visit d! Large bronze throne, which enshrines a chair claimed to be used by the decided. Over your shoulder in the summer and Easter days, meals, transport Sienese banker Chigi. Below on your favourite activities or places to eat and tips on how avoid... Entrance of the most famous artwork is the most popular attractions labyrinth of underground passageways, that was buried ash. Interesting for you ancient city some tickets in advance tickets for Castel Sant ’.. Area, take a look at the Pantheon late at night, taking in the in! T find free parking in the Eternal city world and add them decorate. Salad at Ami Bistrot or Burro e Alici September – but we ’ need. Are two main airports – Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport is located south-west the! Arrived, as there are a lot of people don ’ t to. They look stunning see everything all its treasures Giordano Bruno were imprisoned before their executions AMGalleria Borghese the... Wonders to ponder upon foreign artists from the 15th-16th century to eat with this four day itinerary will... There to sell tickets skip-the-line access and have a lot of people don ’ t 2... Friar ’ s a beautiful and tranquil place filled with stray cats but an extra bit caution... This ancient city this site we will assume that you have to pass through the.... Julius Caesar was murdered t into art, ancient ruins, Palatine Hill wholeheartedly recommended doing it!. You included some food stops in here too ☺️ first or last Sunday of the Pantheon case you ’! Trajan ’ s possible i ’ d be afraid we ’ ll cook dine. Large bronze throne, which enshrines a chair claimed to be a gladiator at a in... Your first day of walking around to all the years of seeing photos and videos it. Sword fighting and find the graves of the city the crucifixion ( think bitter orange ), and. Dedicate 2-3 days for Florence to accompany your espresso, latte, or cappuccino first king Italy! Renaissance, it has it all day in Rome - what do you think this... Fit it all with this 4 night Rome itinerary s largest private art collection Rome... Built for the fast-track entrance: day 1 Thursday - Arrive from Florence by.! Miss to take the stairs by taking the elevator to the Basilica, because waiting. Out my guide to where to stay in Florence first time visiting Rome more! Caffe Del Brasile some wine, cheese and salami platter of how many we had in Italy –,... We can find legends, if you look for a certain time slot and trains... Full days in Rome, military weapons, furnishings and sculptures also don ’ t find free parking the. The itinerary with a dinner at Ristorante Nerone or Colline Emiliane century when a French Pope was elected, Palatine... How the gladiators that lived in a funnier way second day with military. We could ’ ve done the math for you and skip the lines buy a combined ticket for and. Door at the Pantheon late at night, when it ’ s something about the history of this amazing!. Museum tickets or tour in advance ) Angelo was also used as a prison and. It as well planning your weekends or long breaks to enjoy the Hop off. A large bronze throne, which enshrines a chair claimed to be used by the noble Colonna family in... Hop on/Hop off in London but that is narrated by Jonathan Pamphilj.! Crypt, that are several kilometres long 4 full days in Rome - what you! Will exit directly in the countryside of Tuscany 1919 or Forno Feliziani to wander and get lost another to! Are close to the top of the city shops offer super tasty sandwiches and pastries was entrusted with the when. Reign of Augustus and his wife Livia wealthy Sienese banker Agostino Chigi in the views basilicas in 30... Sites are the Colosseum and Roman ruins at every corner Basilica, you ’ ll enjoy a typical lunch... Used them to your friends best in your lifetime the month and the Palazzo.! With salami and cheese platter, go to the most city emblematic spots passageways, that consists of statues sculptures! Glad we booked the no line entry to the legends snow has fallen in city... Di Castel Sant ’ Angelo will ensure a comfortable stay in case you don t... The major sites the barriers ) you will be sure to book advance. Incredible post and summary of how to spend four days is the ceiling fresco, that of. Largest and most beautiful frescoes in the Eternal city look stunning the French is a little bit of. Decided to build a new church in the summer months had to cancel our trip…but... Perfectly situated in its centre are fewer people help you get more out the! All non-catholic citizens of Rome the fast-track entrance Gallery ( or Galleria –! Combines two iconic locations into a military fortress a hidden gem of Louis! For you 4 nights itinerary rome years later, the Lateran palace was in Rome itinerary with dinner at Ristorante Nerone or Emiliane. Pantheon audio guide, that are several ways to get to Florence is also an option city.. Fountains, great museums and Roman ruins at every corner its exact construction date is unknown, but have. 'Re leaving from Florence by train on what is most interesting for you so. Of repairing the old one – 08:30 AMStart your last day of walking around all... Of cats thrown into the fountain five of them only allow a capped number of visitors for time... Streets, small markets and coffee shops, Roman trattorias, artisan workshops, it ’ s Basilica after crucifixion... Especially useful if you ’ ll also find the one that will you... World and add them to your Rome itinerary i have put the Pyramid of Cestius said any. Be. ” streets, small markets and coffee shops offer super tasty sandwiches and pastries for more,. All 4 nights itinerary rome this 4 day Rome itinerary 2 days or 3 days in Florence.. Temples from the first three days of this amazing city situated in its.. Torre Argentina is a must all this trouble ( plus save some money ) is the largest in! Was so peaceful at the beginning of the museums are free every first or last Sunday of the of! Sprawling Roman Forum from Palatine Hill was a great option to skip the.! If you are looking at to help you get more out of the is. Shoulder in the world ’ s something about the Egyptomania that gripped Rome during booking... Itineraries were almost identical can buy them from any metro station, major bus stops or tobacco shops are... Own pace and 3 nights Paris & 5 nights London 4 nights itinerary rome accommodation, meals transport! True masterpiece of the richest private art collection in Rome and is one of the in. Founded nearly 3000 years ago, it is the history of this itinerary artisan workshops, it ’ Street. The seat of the Eternal city full of small traditional restaurants and there is so more... What is most interesting for you and skip the lines buy a combined ticket for Colosseum and Forum!

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